The Once and Forgotten Thing

Though many tales have been told about King Arthur, there remains one incredible story which was altogether forgotten…until now.

As a Saxon, Viggo was raised to fear magic. Now Saxony is at war with King Arthur and his alarming new allies: the magic-practicing Druids. When Viggo sets out on a mission to infiltrate the great fortress of Camelot, he stumbles upon a secret of such vital importance that it will destroy King Arthur and win the war for Saxony – if he can escape, that is.

That part is harder than he imagined.

Trapped in a tiny Druid town, Viggo must find a way to deceive the determined soldiers sent to hunt him down. When help comes unexpectedly from a woman guarding strange secrets of her own, Viggo will be left questioning everything he believes about love, magic, and the war itself. He still holds the key to winning it. The question is: for which side?

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